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VIBE NFT Collection for Jerónimo Contillo

NFT collection we created for Jerónimo Contillo and Madiachain Platform.

Pop culture references, panorama of Los Angeles and aesthetic of the 80s, all drawn in the style of neon noir.

- total supply of 50 NFT items
- interchangeable elements and attributes, conceptualized in retrowave style
each NFT is drawn by masters of neon noir visualization
- interchangeable headwear, varying in pattern and color: beanies / caps / bandanas
- various kinds of stylish eyewear in retrofuturism style for the rarest NFTs
a variety of 80s-spirited outerwear: sweatshirts / bombers / leather jackets / t-shirts
- different types of cars from Toyota Chaser to the legendary ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean for the rarest NFTs
retro attributes and accessories: GameBoy / soda / bracelets / pendants / handpoke tattoos